Optovate has been innovating in Micro-LED and Mini-LED backlights since 2008. Our team has a proven track record of successful consumer display product launches, and our patented Micro-LED backplane and micro-optics technology offers partnership opportunities for manufacturing companies.

Display Technologies

Optovate is a world leader in directional illumination technologies. Our patented Micro-LED platform technology delivers a step change in cost and functionality for displays ranging from LCD backlighting and OLED through to direct Micro-LED.

Micro-LED display backplane & Micro-LED optics

mini-LED LCD backlights

OLED display optics

Applications & Performance

Micro-LED modules enable ultra low thickness, zero bezel, flexible and free-form display designs. Class leading efficiency, brightness and high dynamic range operation provide new advantages for directional micro-LED displays, mini-LED backlights and OLED displays.

Switchable Privacy

Power savings

Super bright for outdoors

Low light spill for night-time use

Ultra low thickness
HDR with full area local dimming
Full area
Zero bezel
Free form shapes
High resolution

Optics for AR/VR
Optics for automotive AR-HUD

Team & Early IP

The Optovate team are display industry veterans with a track record of IP generation, technology transfer and successful product launches with partner companies in the consumer display space.

Founded in 2008, Optovate were early to recognise the benefits of small GaN micro-LEDs transferred to a sparse array - and that pick and place machines were neither fast enough nor accurate enough for this task.

Optovate has made two significant breakthroughs in its approach to micro-LEDs. First it has developed a unique micro-LED transfer technique to enable extraction of micro-LEDs from wafers to backplanes for display and lighting applications. This approach is scalable to very large substrates providing a cost-effective route for micro-LED applications.

Second it has also developed a way to produce and integrate a precision micro-catadioptric optical array that combines refraction and reflection of light from each of the micro-LEDs, providing directional view angle capability – a significant advantage for many display, backlight and lighting applications. These two innovations in micro-LED transfer and micro-optic light directionality can be combined or used stand-alone with other approaches.

With the market interest in micro-LEDs rapidly gaining momentum, Optovate exploits its substantial portfolio of proprietary micro-LED technology through partnerships with suitable organizations that can add development resources needed for volume product introductions.